Downtown Development Authority (DDA)


To act as a Downtown Development Authority (DDA) in accordance with Public Act 197 of 1975, as amended, including, but not limited to: correct and prevent deterioration in the downtown development district, encourage historic preservation, create and implement development plans, and promote economic growth. 


The Downtown Development Authority is the governing body of the City of Charlevoix Downtown Development District, and as such shall have the power to authorize the levy and collection of taxes, the acquisition, rehabilitation, maintenance, and disposal of interest in real and personal property, the creation and implement of development plans in the District, the promotion of economic growth, the issuance of bonds and other evidences of indebtedness, and the use of tax increment financing, and other such powers as provided under Public Act 197.


The board is ultimately responsible and accountable for the Charlevoix Main Street program. Although it may delegate daily management to the executive director and committees, it cannot delegate the review of the program’s budget and plans or the monitoring and evaluation of the program’s effectiveness. Those tasks remain board responsibilities. The board must always represent the larger view of why commercial district revitalization is crucial for the entire community. It serves as a private-sector advocate for Main Street's interests and works to ensure the community has a comprehensive understanding of Main Street's principles of revitalization. The board is also responsible for fostering community acceptance of and involvement in the process and ensuring private-sector commitment and participation in the revitalization effort.

Meeting Information

4th Monday of each month, except for holidays.  Meeting dates are set each year during the Annual meeting in January.

5:30 PM

Charlevoix City Hall


The DDA Board shall consist of nine persons, the Mayor of Charlevoix and eight members. The members shall be appointed for a term of four years At least five of the members shall be persons having an interest in property located in the downtown district. At least one of the members shall be a resident of the downtown district if it has one hundred or more persons residing within it.


Mayor, confirmed by City Council


Eight members four year terms, beginning April 1.  Mayor two year term upon election to office.



Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

Archived Minutes from January 2015-June 2018

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  • Kirby Dipert
    Term expires: April 2026
  • Ron Way
    Term expires: April 2024
  • Lyle Gennett, Mayor
    Term expires: November 2024
  • Anne Oosthuizen
    Term expires: April 2025
  • Sam Bingham
    Term expires: April 2023

  • Danielle Scheller
    Term expires: April 2023
  • Maureen Owens, Chair
    Term expires: April 2025
  • Vacancy (non-voting student)
    Term expires: November 2023
  • Paul Silva
    Term expires: April 2023
  • Liam Dreyer 
    Term expires: April 2026

Downtown Development Authority Information

Find more information about the Downtown Development Authority on the Charlevoix Mainstreet DDA website.