Facade Grant Incentive Program

Program Guidelines

Bringing History Back to Downtown Storefronts

View the guidelines (PDF) last amended November 2018.


The Façade Incentive Grant Program is developed by the Design Committee of Charlevoix Main Street (CMS).

Program Purpose

The grant program was created to encourage private investment in historic facades by providing financial incentives. Historically sensitive rehabilitation and dramatic improvement of facades in downtown Charlevoix will encourage good design that will serve as quality examples to preserve the architectural character that is distinctive to Charlevoix. By improving the appearance of the building facades, the Program helps to improve the economic viability of the downtown.

Source of Funding

This program is funded by Charlevoix Main Street DDA. The number of projects receiving grants in a fiscal year is based on program budget, with a new funding cycle beginning April 1. Grants are awarded biannually in August and January if funds are available.

Amount Available

After the first round of applications there is still $3,712.50 to be awarded this fiscal year.

Grant Timing

Applications will be accepted until January 24, 2019. The Design Committee meets on Thursday, February 7th at 4pm to review. Then the recommendation is given to the Charlevoix Main Street DDA Board at their meeting on Monday, February 25, 2019 at 5:30pm. If the applicant is not present at the Board meeting they will be notified within 7 days by phone, email, or mail.  

Before & After of 2017 Projects

View the photo gallery to view before and after images of past 2017 projects.

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