Downtown Housing Incentive Program

This program recently awarded $25,000 grant has been awarded to 211 Bridge Street for the creation of two new apartment units that will be deed restricted for year-round occupancy.

Deadline to apply has passed. Please contact us for more information.

Incentivizing Year Round Housing

The Downtown Housing Grant offered by the City of Charlevoix Main Street Downtown Development Authority supports property owners seeking to build or convert square footage designated for year-round housing. The matching grant provides financial incentive to help downtown building owners better utilize their vacant or under performing space, while retooling the properties to help address a major challenge in Charlevoix – housing. With more downtown housing, residents have more varied and viable living options, businesses have access to a greater workforce, and property owners have a more diverse and dependable income. 

Grant Specifics

$50,000 in total is available throughout the 2021-2022 fiscal year. 

Grants are awarded on a per-unit basis. 

Each grant can provide up to $25,000, or $15.00 per square foot of newly constructed or renovated residential space, whichever amount is lower.  

Grants require a 50% match and are offered as project reimbursement upon project completion. 

Construction or renovation must begin within 120 days of grant application approval and must be completed within 1 year of approval. 

Grant Requirements

To successfully apply for the for the Downtown Housing Grant, applicants must:

  • Own property within the designated downtown development authority district 
  • Show proof of financial funding for the project, along with an itemization of project costs. 
  • At least one licensed contractor must submit a project quote. 
  • Show proof that all property taxes are current and the building is insured.
  • Attach all relevant construction, building, and zoning permits. This could, depending on the project, include: 
upper floor housing
It is recommended applicants consult with the City of Charlevoix Zoning Administrator before applying for city-issued permits. 

Successful applicants must participate in the Primary Residence Deed Restriction Program. 

Downtown Housing Grant Guidelines 
More specific information about the Downtown Housing Grant goals, prerequisites to application, financial documents to include, and application process can be found here in the Downtown Housing Grant Guidelines. 

Downtown Housing Grant Application 
Please click here to apply to the Downtown Housing Grant

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