Ferry Beach Corridor Study

Ferry Avenue Corridor Study

Consultants working with the City of Charlevoix have developed a Consensus Site Plan for the 3 acre former Street Department site on Stover Road near Ferry Beach Park. Options explored at earlier visioning sessions included development of the site as a park with various levels of amenities (including ice skating rink, sports courts, skate park, and playgrounds), addition of a parking lot to support existing park use and/or boat launch traffic,  and sale of the site for either market-rate waterfront residential or workforce housing. Multiple meetings and public surveys spanning fall 2021 to summer 2022 have determined that the Charlevoix community supports passive park use on this site. Cost-intensive amenities were not widely supported, but rather the development of a park with open lawn spaces, seating and viewing areas, and limited parking. Flexibility was a key goal established, and the community has shown support for the idea of keeping the park relatively simple without addition of major infrastructure or structures. However, equal support was demonstrated for addressing the need for workforce housing within Charlevoix. To support the development of the Stover Road site as a park, it was determined that workforce housing was better suited for an alternate site of approximately 6 acres one mile west on West Carpenter Avenue.  The second page of the Consensus Plan document explores infrastructure needed, projected cost, and potential funding sources which would allow this site to be sold for development of a workforce housing neighborhood. Less than a mile from Lake Michigan and about 1 mile from downtown Charlevoix, the Carpenter site would provide easy access to multiple employment and recreational opportunities.


If you would like to share additional comments or have questions about the planning process, please email sfromson@edgewaterresources.com.

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