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May 30

Brian's Ice Cream Experience

Posted on May 30, 2019 at 2:35 PM by Lindsey Dotson

Brian's Ice Cream Experience opened in 2017 in a cute little shop back in The Mercado/Van Pelt Alley (217 Bridge Street Unit C). This bright and happy space is full of flavor, good vibes, and fun. What's better is that natural, locally sourced ingredients are used so you feel slightly less guilty about "cheating" on your diet.

Charlevoix Main Street (CMS) sat down with owners Brian and Emily Freund (B&E) for a Q&A.
Downtown Charlevoix 2019 030
CMS: Why did you want to be a small business owner?
B&E:  We have had many other jobs prior to owning our own businesses. Our talents led us to a place where opening a business seemed like the best option going forward.

CMS: Why did you choose to open a business downtown Charlevoix?
B&E: At the time we were looking to open our business, Charlevoix had the best location for the money we could ever hope for. It all worked out the way it was supposed to!

CMS: Tell me a little bit about your business.
B&E: We have a bakery/creperie and a ice cream/macaron shop.

CMS: What do you enjoy most about living and working in the Charlevoix area?
B&E: Great business community and you can’t ask for a more beautiful place to live!

CMS: What is something unique about your store/business?
B&E: We do everything from scratch using local producers as much as possible. But what really sets our businesses apart are the two of us. We treat our customers like family and show them how important they are to us each time.

CMS: How would you describe downtown Charlevoix?
B&E: A family friendly place with quaint small town charm that makes doing business a pleasure.

CMS: How has Main Street helped your business?
B&E: Coming up with new programs to help promote the city and businesses. Hosting events that bring people downtown and working with business owners to problem solve and help businesses navigate the unique business landscape of northern Michigan.

CMS: What’s your favorite thing about your business?
B&E: Our customers and being able to share our passion for what we do to them.

CMS: What’s your favorite Charlevoix event?
B&E: Applefest

CMS: Is there anything else you would like to add?
B&E: We really appreciate all of the people who have become our regulars over the years, these short exchanges have grown into friendships and a sense of community that we didn’t know was possible.

What customers are saying:
"The Beet poppy ice cream is a refreshing change from traditional summer flavors and a big hit with our 11 year old!“ - Laura Simmonds

"The morel mushroom ice cream was perfectly natural with a hint of heaven inside...yumm! Didn't think I would like it, but it was surprisingly delicious." - Melissa Swanson



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